Meet Christel
The Veloce allows Christel to save her energy for where it matters most…the ski hill

Meet Christel, a strong, independent, determined young woman with an infectious smile. It is because of Christel, and her story, that the Motion Composites Donation Program was started. Here’s how it all went down.

In June 2013, Motion Composites was introduced to Christel through her vendor, Darrell Mullen from Medichair Moncton. Darrell was dispensing a used wheelchair to Christel. The wheelchair was old and heavy and not efficient but it was the best available through Christel’s provincial equipment pool. Darrell thought Christel deserved better, especially after hearing her story.

Christel competes on the New Brunswick High Performance Team for athletics and skiing. She has two speeds, fast and faster. As an athlete in training, Christel rolls 4 km one way to practice twice a week, often carrying her forearm crutches as well as a shot put or javelin on her wheelchair. She is also an active volunteer in her community. She did not qualify for funding for a new wheelchair.

The Motion Composites Donation Program was created to help Christel and others like her from across Canada. Motion Composites now donates a free wheelchair every 3 months to a user who can’t access the equipment they need due to funding shortfalls. The program relies on the generous support of vendors like Medichair Moncton to dispense and fit the equipment.

Christel received her new Veloce Wheelchair in January 2014. Christel likes that her new wheelchair is lighter and easier to propel than her previous chair which helps her save her energy for on the track and the ski hill.

Thank you for sharing your story Christel and for starting something wonderful.