Meet David
Independence and a happy mom – what more could you ask for.

David enjoys his independence.  He lives on his own in an assisted living residence.  He works at a local school, volunteers in his community and he enjoys going out with his mom and with his friends.  David has cerebral palsy and has used a wheelchair since the age of 19. Just over a year ago, David and his mom had a talk about the wheelchair he was using.  David’s mom admitted that it was getting more difficult for her to lift the wheelchair in and out of her trunk.  David was also noticing that he was having more difficulty managing the inclined surfaces where he works.  David communicated his seating goals to the wheelchair vendor: lighter and easier to propel please!  There was a quick and easy answer – Helio.  David reports that his performance level for self-propulsion increased from a 2 with his previous chair to a 10 with the Helio (1 is poor and 10 is excellent).  David also reports that his Helio makes going out with friends and with his mom a lot easier: “They have no problems lifting this chair into their car”.  Independence and a happy mom – what more could you ask for.

Thanks for sharing Your Story David.