Meet Martin
Performance and convenience!

Martin is young and active and really good at wheelies.  Martin has used a wheelchair for 13 years as a result of two consecutive accidents.  While at work one day his leg was caught and badly crushed by a conveyor.  He was recovering when he had a bad fall that compounded the damage.  He is only able to walk short distances and not without significant pain.

When Martin set out to find a new wheelchair he thought he knew what he wanted.  But he went through 5 different trial chairs including a rigid chair and he wasn’t satisfied.  The folding adjustable chairs didn’t have the performance he wanted and he couldn’t get the rigid chair into his car.  Then his therapist suggested the Helio carbon fibre wheelchair.  Martin gave it a try.  Perfection.

When asked to rate his previous chair and the Helio on a performance scale of 1-10 (1 is poor and 10 is excellent) he ranked his previous chair a 3 and the Helio a 10. Martin reports that the Helio is significantly lighter than his previous chair.  He is able to easily fold and lift the Helio into his car.  Also, he no longer needs to wear gloves to propel because the Helio moves more efficiently and effortlessly.

Martin is thankful for his therapist who knew the Helio would have the performance and the convenience he was looking for.

Thanks for sharing Your Story Martin.