Meet Tony
“I like less…less is better for me. I chose the Veloce because it is discreet and minimalist.”

Tony Persaud has worked in the wheelchair industry for many years and is the proud owner of Dynamic Health Care Solutions. Tony’s pride in his company is evident in the profile picture he selected of himself and a display of his nxt seating line. But what Tony really liked about this photo is that “you can hardly see the wheelchair” “I like less…less is better for me. I chose the Veloce because it is discreet and minimalist”.

Tony’s previous wheelchair, a rigid titanium chair, had served him well but it was time for a replacement. The Veloce’s ultra-lightweight, carbon fiber folding frame was a major selling feature for Tony. “I travel with sales reps and getting the rigid frame into their vans with the other equipment was problematic”. When travelling solo, Tony lifts the Veloce into the back of his van without folding it. He was surprised to discover that the Veloce was “30-50% easier to lift in and out of the van” than his previous chair. Tony also enjoys trips to the lake with family and friends. The fact that the Veloce can fit in his boat when it’s at full occupancy means that Tony won’t have to wait in the boat anymore when they dock at town.

Tony was impressed with the Veloce’s adjustability.” It wasn’t until I started working with the chair that I realized just how clever and easy the adjustments are. The axle clamp is nice and easy and the caster angle adjustment is a lot simpler than other chairs”. He also liked how he could set it up so that it was perfect for him. “I adjusted the centre of gravity, seat depth and back angle. It took me about 3 tries to get it exactly where I wanted it but with the rigid chair I couldn’t do that; I had to get it right when I ordered it”.

Tony was impressed with the tight front angle and small wheelbase of the Veloce. “I have an elevator and I can turn around in the elevator with the Veloce. I couldn’t do that with my old chair”.

“The Veloce allows me to do all the things I would normally do without compromise”.

Thank you for sharing Your Story Tony.