Motion Composites team

Motion Composites is proud to be able to count on the know-how of a team of innovative people who are passionate about what they do. Each in their own way, they help advance the wheelchair industry, with the aim of offering superior-quality products and exceptional service. Meet the members of our management team:

Éric Simoneau, Chief Executive Officer – Cofounder

Éric Simoneau

Chief Executive Officer — Cofounder

Luc Henault, VP Asian Operations and Strategic Supply Chain

Luc Henault

VP Asian Operations and Strategic Supply Chain

Kirsten DeLay, Vice President Customer Experience

Kirsten DeLay

VP Customer Experience

Nicholas Forrester, VP Sales

Nicholas Forrester

VP Sales

Michael Hughes, US National Sales Director

Michael Hughes

US National Sales Director

Allison Speight, Motion U Director (Clinical Education)

Allison Speight

Motion U Director (Clinical Education)

Jean-Philippe Villeneuve, Marketing Director

Jean-Philippe Villeneuve

Marketing Director

Julien Desnoyers, SRA Production Director

Julien Desnoyers

SRA Production Director

Pier-Alexandre Ethier, VP Product Development

Pier-Alexandre Ethier

VP Product Development

Michael Archambault Bérubé, Engineering Director

Michael Archambault Bérubé

Engineering Director

Ludivine Fayard, Supply Chain Director

Ludivine Fayard

Supply Chain Director

Yannick Bell, VP of Finance

Yannick Bell

VP of Finance

Bertrand Plourde, Operations Director

Bertrand Plourde

Operations Director

Benjamin Hudon, Controller

Benjamin Hudon


Nicolas Desnoyers, ERP Project Manager

Nicolas Desnoyers

ERP Project Manager

Geneviève Fafard, Employee Experience Director

Geneviève Fafard

Employee Experience Director