Benefits and other cool things

Benefits and other cool things

At Motion Composites, we make wheelchairs to improve the lives of the people who need them, but we also care about our employees’ happiness. It’s part of our values. Here, humans are a top priority. That’s why we offer benefits that reflect our commitment to our team’s well-being.

No traffic 
Thanks to a great geographic location—only 15 minutes from Terrebonne, Mascouche, Saint-Lin and Saint-Esprit—morning and evening commutes are a breeze. And we’re only about 30 minutes from Montréal.

Ample parking around the building, with another parking lot across from it. We even have reserved spots for electric cars (with charging stations) and motorcycles!​

Group insurance
Blue Cross: medication, dental, vision care, travel insurance, life insurance.

Sick/family obligation days
Two paid sick days per year.

Flu shot
Free flu shot, available onsite each year.

Partnership with Énergie Cardio (discount for employees and their immediate family, 16 and older). We also have a partnership with Tech Gym (discount for the employee).

Two paid 15-minute breaks every shift.

Fully equipped cafeteria, where you can make yourself a delicious lunch.

Work-family balance
Because we strongly value keeping a good balance, we offer flexible work schedules.

Employee assistance program
24/7 professional assistance, consultation over the phone, online or in person (at the professional’s office), guidance and personalized support.

Ongoing training
Motion U, Motion Composites’ University offers full training upon hiring as well as ongoing training. You can even request training if you want to deepen your knowledge of certain aspects.

We offer different internships in view of perfecting your knowledge.

Workplace ethics
We’ve created a healthy and safe work environment that encourages initiative and personal development. We also offer an environment in which all forms of discrimination and harassment are strictly prohibited.

Referral program
You get a $500 reward if you recommend someone who gets hired and stays with us for at least six months.

We invite you to get involved in the company and join our committees to express your ideas: employee participation committee, OHS committee and continuous improvement committee. ​

Open to ideas
We consider all product design ideas that come from our different departments. We’re also open to ideas on how we can improve the way we work, our facilities and everything the team needs to have fun while reaching the set objectives.

We hire people of all cultures and backgrounds and participate in job integration programs.

Community garden
We don’t just invite and grow ideas, we also grow vegetables!

Fresh fruit
Our team can enjoy free fresh fruit, delivered every week.

Competitive salaries for the Lanaudière region.​

Salary chart
Permanent employees working in the factory and in customer service are compensated according to a salary structure based on job class and seniority. ​

Years of service
We have a service recognition program for our employees.

Fonds de solidarité FTQ
After you have been with us for six months, Motion Composites will match your contribution, up to $250 per year. ​

Tuition fees
We reimburse your tuition fees for classes that will help you grow at Motion Composites.

Safety footwear
Quality safety footwear is available onsite and paid for by the company.

Lunch with a boss
Once a month, we draw the name of an employee who will get to have lunch with the boss of their choice and a coworker of their choice, so everyone can get to know one another better! ​

Tire change
In the fall and spring, we offer a tire change service onsite.​

Several group outings
This perk evolved very naturally over time. We got into the habit of getting together outside of work hours to ski, snowboard, mountain bike, wakeboard, have BBQs, go-karting, golfing, rock climbing and more!

Quarterly objectives and celebrations
Communication is vital to keep the company running smoothly. At least four (4) annual meetings are held with all employees to keep everyone informed of the company’s situation, upcoming projects and objectives. A new objective is set at the start of each quarter, based on a theme. When we reach our target, we celebrate with a special event. In the past, these have included a culinary competition, sugar shack outing, comedy show and karting.