Motion Composites team

Motion Composites is proud to be able to count on the know-how of a team of innovative people who are passionate about what they do. Each in their own way, they help advance the wheelchair industry, with the aim of offering superior-quality products and exceptional service. Meet the members of our management team:

Éric Simoneau, Chief Executive Officer – Cofounder

Éric Simoneau

President and Co-Founder

Eric Simoneau, co-founder and CEO of Motion Composites, has played a crucial role in the company's rise to prominence in the industry since launching its first ultralight wheelchair in 2008, heralding a new era in mobility solutions. In 2019, Eric led the strategic acquisition of Dynamic Health Care Solutions, further expanding the company's range of offerings and cementing its leadership position in the sector. Under Eric’s guidance, Motion Composites continues to innovate and push boundaries, dedicated to improving the lives of individuals facing mobility challenges through advanced technology and exceptional customer service.

Luc Henault, VP Asian Operations and Strategic Supply Chain

Luc Henault

VP Asian Operations and Strategic Supply Chain

Luc Henault is the VP of Operations Asia & Strategic Supply Chain at Motion Composites. In this role, he oversees all Asian strategic supply chain activities, manages logistics contracts, and supports technological development to maintain Motion Composite’s industry-leading product standards. Prior to Motion Composites, Luc spent 20 years driving innovation in the bicycle industry, where he successfully implemented new manufacturing techniques, developed cutting-edge bicycles, and managed the transition of supply chains to Asia. Luc was instrumental in spearheading Motion Composites' expansion in Asia, building key manufacturing partnerships, and enhancing profitability and technological leadership.

Kirsten DeLay, Vice President Customer Experience

Kirsten DeLay

VP Customer Experience

Kirsten is a seasoned Home Medical Equipment industry leader with a 20+ year track record of driving innovation and exceptional customer experiences. As Executive VP at Pride Mobility Products Corporation, the world's leading designer and manufacturer of mobility products, and COO at SpinLife, the leading U.S. retailer of Durable Medical Equipment, she spearheaded successful initiatives, including a groundbreaking work-from-home model that transformed industry standards. Now, as Motion Composites VP of Customer Experience, Kirsten leverages her deep industry knowledge to create a seamless fusion of customer service, marketing, and clinical education, delivering unparalleled customer support.

Nicholas Forrester, VP Sales

Nicholas Forrester

VP Sales

With more than 20 years of experience in the complex rehab market, Nicholas gained fundamental knowledge at the dealer level before joining Motion Composites in 2015. Here, he led the Canadian sales division to successfully capture market share and establish key partnerships and corporate contracts. Today, as VP of Sales, Nicholas is responsible for overseeing Motion Composites sales division through focused sales strategies and creative offerings. With an impressive track record in building dedicated and passionate teams, Nicholas is spearheading the rapid growth of Motion Composites in becoming a global leader in the complex rehab market.

Pier-Alexandre Ethier, VP Product Development

Pier-Alexandre Ethier

VP Product Development

Pier Alexandre Ethier spearheads innovation as Vice President of Product Development at Motion Composites. Since joining in 2015, Pier’s expertise has been honed through roles in project management, engineering, and quality assurance, driving the company's strategic product vision. With a background in nuclear safety and defense engineering, Pier Alexandre brings a unique blend of technical rigor and leadership to his role, overseeing R&D, Engineering, and Product and Project Management teams.

Yannick Bell, VP of Finance

Yannick Bell

VP of Finance

With over 15 years of experience, Yannick is a CPA auditor and holds an MBA. a skilled finance leader who excels in optimizing operations and driving strategic growth. His expertise spans various industries and company sizes, with specific strengths in mergers, acquisitions, and international taxation optimization. Yannick has a proven track record of guiding businesses through complex financial processes. A collaborative leader, Yannick is known for his leadership skills and ability to foster high-performance teams focused on results and establishing a culture where the values of rigor, initiative, and collaboration are solid foundations.

Bertrand Plourde, Operations Director

Bertrand Plourde

Operations Director

Bertrand Plourde brings strategic leadership and operational excellence to his role as Director of Operations. With nearly a decade of focused operations management experience, he leverages his business background and diverse industry expertise to drive lasting results. His success in building Asian partnerships showcases his international acumen. Bertrand fosters collaboration and shared goals through a participative management style.

Geneviève Fafard, Employee Experience Director

Geneviève Fafard

Employee Experience Director

Geneviève Fafard brings 24 years of manufacturing HR experience to Motion Composites. As Director of Employee Experience, Geneviève excels at building engaging and inclusive workplaces underpinned by the values of fairness, transparency, and honesty. Recognized for her leadership in performance management and labor relations, Geneviève is a strategic thinker who thrives in growth environments.

Yohann Morency, IT Director

Yohann Morency

IT Director

Yohann brings a wealth of IT expertise, strategic vision, and a passion for innovation to his role as IT Director at Motion Composites. He holds Computer Engineering and Management degrees, combining technical expertise with strategic business acumen. With over 20 years of experience, Yohann has successfully led and scaled IT teams at a leading engineering consulting firm, implementing critical systems that fueled rapid growth. Subsequently, as IT Director at a leading ERP software company, he spearheaded research, development, and innovation, launching groundbreaking products.


Alli Speight, OT, ATP

Alli Speight

Director of Clinical Education (Motion U)

Alli holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Master of Science in Occupational Therapy. With clinical experience in community care, long-term care, and with veterans, she has extensive knowledge of positioning and mobility. As Director of Clinical Education (Motion U), she leads a team of clinical education specialists, providing training throughout North America, namely at the CSMC, ISS, and ATSA conferences.

Michael Hughes

Michael Hughes

Director of Sales—USA

Leveraging years of healthcare industry experience, Michael has thrived in the DME/CRT industry since 2009. His success trajectory includes progressive leadership positions, where he spearheaded the development and execution of market-specific strategic sales and marketing plans that consistently surpassed sales goals. Michael's proven leadership, extensive experience, ATP certification, and deep understanding of the CRT market position him perfectly to drive significant growth for Motion Composites in the US.

Justin Gordon

Justin Gordon

Director of Sales—Canada

With over 17 years of experience in the HME industry, Justin Gordon brings collaborative leadership to his role as Director of Sales—Canada. His knowledge of the Canadian market and commitment to building strong partnerships drive the success of the Canadian sales division. Justin's dedication to team development and provider-focused initiatives are key to Motion Composites' strong presence in Canada.