3 Encouraging Ted Talks to Celebrate Disability Pride Month

July is Disability Pride Month! This is an opportunity to celebrate the uniqueness of each disabled person and bring awareness to their voices. A time for all disabled people to unapologetically celebrate their bodies as they are and bring a spotlight to their issues.

For this special occasion, we want to share with you some of the BEST Ted Talks from some of the most influential Motion Composites users and other amazing people from the disabled community! To us, there is nothing better than an empowering or poignant speech to get us ready to celebrate Disability Pride Month and these Ted Talks are just the perfect compilation for it.

Let’s change the way we think about disability | Joel Dembe

Our amazing brand ambassador Joel Dembe, a four-time Canadian National Wheelchair Tennis Champion and Paralympian talks about how sports can impact the life and the confidence on a wheelchair user. Joel believes that people with disabilities and can live independently can thrive on life.

In this Ted Talk, Joel talks about the importance of how we think about our own independence and makes us reflect about the independence of people with disabilities; he later provides ideas on how we can empower the disabled community through proper representation in the media, and how this can help change the way we view and perceive disabilities.

Today, Joel is an APEX C user who is a public speaker, senior manager for corporate communications of one of the most important Canadian bank institutions and he’s a formerly top ranked wheelchair tennis player.

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Disability and its Intriguing Advantage for Innovation | Kelcie Miller-Anderson

Kelcie is a disabled environmental scientist, social entrepreneur, who loves to explore the world on wheels. In this Ted Talk, she talks about her career path and how passionate she is to create change, how despite the debilitating fatigue, and complex chronic migraines that her disabilities cause, she still thrives as an entrepreneur.

Now Kelcie dedicates her life to spread the word about disability awareness and accessibility. She loves to explore the world in her HELIO A6 and she shares with the wheelchair community how the outdoors is for everyone and how to embrace it. Kelcie is also the founder of Wildability, a non-profit organization whose main mission is to empower the disabled youth to become the next generation of climate leaders.

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Changing The Way We Talk About Disability | Amy Oulton

Amy has been a wheelchair user for over ten years now; she has Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, and she lives an exciting life full of incredible adventures like her backpacking trip through Southeast Asia. In this Ted talk Amy talks about the perceptions that people have towards disability and how we can break through the barriers to make the world more inclusive and change the way we talk about disability.

Amy is a disability consultant, workshop provider and a public speaker. She is also a BuzzFeed contributor, who loves to talk about making our spaces, services and attitudes more inclusive.



Check her BuzzFeed article from when she went backpacking through Southeast Asia: “10 Things you learn when you go backpacking in a wheelchair” 

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At Motion Composites, we believe that providing a platform to people with disabilities is crucial. Positive representation can help us better understand the reality of people with disabilities while helping other people with disabilities to feel more confident in their own skin and accepting their own uniqueness. We would love to continue to build a world that can become more inclusive and make our communities more accessible.

About Miriam Aguilar Garza

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Miriam holds a Bachelor's Degree in International Business from Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León (Mexico). She is passionate about writing, reading, traveling, and giving a voice to people in the wheelchair community.