How I balance being a full-time dad and an Athlete - Joey Desjardins

As Father’s Day approaches, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate all dads out there, but especially those dads with disabilities!

To celebrate this day, we decided to connect with Paralympic Athlete, and our amazing brand ambassador Joey Desjardins.

Joey Desjardins is an Apex C user, a full-time athlete, a member of the Canadian para-cycling team, and above all that, he is a super dedicated dad of 2 beautiful daughters!


How are you? How’s the family?

I am doing well with the summer now in full swing. The family is growing up quick and we have already enjoyed our first two camping trips of the season in the bus. The kids love spending time outdoors exploring new places while my wife and I try to take in the time off and enjoy the place we are in, in our lives.

How’s your training going?

The cycling season 2022 has now begun and training has been going as good as one could hope for.


Do you plan to participate in the next Paralympics (Paris 2024)?

My ultimate goal is to be in Paris 2024. Time will tell if that is realistic. Qualifying for the games only happens the year before so nothing is a given yet. Keep your fingers crossed for me!


What is your main motivation for training?

My main motivation is to overcome my own limitations. Trying to see how fit and fast I can get with putting in all the time I have put in so far. My family also motivates me by supporting me every step of the way.


How do you balance your training with your family life?

I balance my training and family life by having the support of my family in my training and in my goals in cycling. Communication is key!


Would you say that your APEX C has changed your life? How does it impact it?

Since I got the Apex C I have been feeling much better in the overall fit of the chair and myself in the chair. I have to say, the APEX C has reduced my overall nerve pain drastically just by being fit correctly in the chair. The chair allows this by being fully adjustable. It’s amazing!  


Do you think your disability plays a roll on how you are educating your daughters?

Whether I realize it or not, it definitely does. Whether it’s overcoming barriers as a family or showing them that everyone is a person worth of love and respect, regardless of the way they look. To them, my being in a chair is just a normal thing.


Do you have any advice for dads who are also wheelchair users?

Live life to the fullest and let your children grow with as much joy as possible. Overcome obstacles together to show them adversity. If you think something is too hard to do with your little ones, give them a chance to show you that they too can help you overcome obstacles.


Joey is the perfect example of someone that is passionate and knows how to balance perfectly his super busy dad-life with being a professional athlete and trying to achieve (once again!) his Paralympic dreams!

We want to take this opportunity to wish Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Particularly all those dads that just like Joey, push hard everyday to overcome anything with together with their families; Dads that are the first superhero of their sons and the first love of their daughters!

Thank you, Joey! It is always a pleasure catching up with you and we hope to see more of your RV adventures and hopefully we will get to see you rolling in Paris 2024!

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