Joey Desjardins : First Trip With The RV

For most of us, the measures taken during the pandemic have had a great impact on our daily lives. Beyond the restrictions that are brought upon us, these measures forced us to reinvent our lifestyles and reevaluate our priorities.

Staying at home has allowed our Brand Ambassador Joey Desjardins to invest a bit more time in renovating the bus he acquired with the goal to transform it in a recreative vehicle adapted to his active family lifestyle. In a previous blog post, Joey told us that his vehicle was almost done and ready to take the road with his family. Their first official trip occurred at the end of August when they took the bus to spend a few days at Ontario’s Algoquin Park.  

A perfect first trip

Luckily, Joey was careful to do a good test drive before the trip to make sure that everything was working correctly. During this tryout, he noticed a small problem with one of the brakes and he managed to get it fixed before leaving, avoiding a bunch of troubles on the road. He reminds us that “We’ll never say it enough, a good preparation is an excellent strategy when it comes to travel”.


“This summer vacation went perfectly, the kids adored it and, as I thought, the bus really simplified life for us. The Algonquin Park is a place that we absolutely love and we really enjoyed our time over there. The experience was so great that we also took the VR to spend some time in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec. We even make some special nights in the backyard from time to time.”

See you next year!

Joey is now back to training but he’s also finishing up the last thing to be completed on his bus: plumbing for the shower, toilet and sink. For now, the RV is not equipped for Canadian winters so it’ll be parked for the season but the whole family is already looking forward to take it back on the road next spring!

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