Viva VELOCE! A Wheelchair for ALL Ages: Ron Matysek’s Testimony

Good day Motion Composites Community, today we come to you with a special edition testimony from one of our end-users; the one and only Ron Matysek. To give you some background on Ron and how he came to be in our VELOCE model, we must first discover a bit of his history within the manual wheelchair world…

Ron’s first attempt at a Canadian manufactured wheelchair was made from stainless steel and it was really poorly made; as it turns out it was not the best experience “…it was a nightmare. Parts fell off (brake handles, wheel hubs) and the frame actually ended up breaking while I was seated in the chair” explained Ron. “I got talked into the aforementioned, bulky stainless steel wheelchair by what I later learned was an unscrupulous salesperson at a local medical supply store. Unfortunately, it soured me on chairs made in Canada so for my next chair, I wanted to do my own research”

After his extensive research, Ron decided he would like to give titanium a try on afolding wheelchair, “It was significantly lighter than the ridiculously bulky and difficult to maneuver stainless steel wheelchair, but it was still heavy and, over time, it proved to be a challenge getting in and out of our vehicle.”

Understanding Ron’s need for an ultralightweight and durable chair, a wheelchair dealer in Windsor Ontario, saw an opportunity that would change Ron’s life for the better “…back in 2014, along came Cindy Wickens (from the dealership) and she wanted to talk to me about a Canadian made wheelchair. My first wheelchair experience soured me on chairs made in Canada but then she rolled out two Motion Composites chairs.” Of those 2 chairs was the one and only, carbon fiber, VELOCE wheelchair… and as they say, the rest is history.

Since this remarkable, life changing date, our local sales representative, Julie Morrison took some time to catch up with Ron to see how his life is going with the VELOCE. It was easy to see Ron was very eager to share with us his story and testament on such a superior chair.



Motion Composites: Please, share with us your story on how Motion Composites has impacted your life:

Ron Matysek: I have relied on a wheelchair for several decades now. The chairs I had in the past were cumbersome, heavy, and difficult to maneuver not to mention very 'institutional' looking. My prized VELOCE wheelchair has been a 'game changer' in so many ways. First and foremost, it is the lightest chair I have ever owned and that makes it so much easier to get it in and out of a vehicle. That in and of itself has extended my ability to remain active in so many different ways from family activities to attending social events to involvement with community-based organizations like our local accessibility advisory committee. The VELOCE is an indispensable extension of me and facilitates my continuing to be involved and feel productive and engaged.


MC: Compared to your prior chair, how does your Motion Composites chair differ?

RM: The VELOCE chair is radically different from any chair I have ever owned, and I could never fully express my undying gratitude to the Motion Composites team. My friends at the dealership first introduced me to the VELOCE chair a few years ago and I haven't looked back. Now I cannot begin to imagine life without my 'Ferrari Red' VELOCE . As I mentioned, it is incredibly light, so it is unbelievably easy to 'un-stow and go' and it maneuvers effortlessly even in the tightest of spaces. The fine folks at Motion Composites not only wanted to create a product that was light, functional, and easy to use but also stylish. Now, you may ask, how can you possibly make a wheelchair stylish? As I mentioned, the chairs I owned in the past were very 'institutional' looking. The VELOCE chair successfully and beautifully bridges the gaps between form, functionality, ingenuity, AND fashion!!! I outfitted my chair with all the Motion Composites 'Newton' accessories which are designed to keep the product as light as possible while at the same time adding to the overall stylishness of the chair without sacrificing functionality and durability. Oftentimes I get compliments about the chair, and I love telling people the Motion Composites story.


MC: It sounds like you are really in love with your wheelchair. Is there anything else you would like to say about your experience with Motion Composites?

RM: Listen, nobody or at least nobody I know 'wants' to be in a wheelchair but, if life circumstances necessitate reliance on a chair, I highly recommend the Motion Composites product line-up. Speaking for myself, I know I struggled with the idea of a wheelchair, and I only wish the VELOCE product had been around when I was initially confronted with my challenge. The folks at Motion Composites have the user first and foremost in their minds when they design, engineer and manufacture products. If you have to be in a chair, why not make it the easiest one to use and the most attractive chair available?

I want to thank the entire hard-working and dedicated team at Motion Composites for endeavoring to utilize state-of-the-art technology to produce products that are extremely light, highly functional, and uncommonly attractive. Viva VELOCE !


Thank you to our outside sales team for sharing this beautiful testimony and one last HUGE thank you to Mr. Matysek for being such an awesome human being!

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