Well… it wasn’t shin splints—Molly Lawrence Cancer Battle

Today we want to introduce you to the toughest VELOCE user ever! Meet Molly Lawrence. Molly beat cancer after 18 rounds of chemo! And after doing so, Molly joined the US Women’s National Soccer Team (USWNT) for practice. She definitely is one of the bravest people we know, and we couldn’t miss the opportunity to introduce her to you.

Molly is a 14-year-old girl who loves to play guitar and is a huge soccer fan! Molly is also a high school freshman who loves to hang out with her family, friends, and dogs. She has a newfound love of kayaking and goes on the water as much as she can throughout Arizona. Molly hopes to become a pediatric oncologist, and we can BET that she will become one of the best one day!

Molly in her VELOCE, ready for her first day of freshman year!
(Photo courtesy: Sarah Lawrence)

In February 2021, Molly had shin pain, so her parents took her for X-rays; there was nothing to note on the images, so the doctor chalked it up to shin splints, so they went back home.

However, on July 2021, Molly’s pain increased while her mobility decreased. Her family decided to take her back to the doctor, and the doctors agreed that something was going on this time. A few days after and several X-rays and MRIs later, the doctors announced to Molly and her family that it was probably cancer.

Molly’s official diagnosis came a bit later; it was osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer. Molly likes to remind people that this is a disease that is most common in tall boys, so she’s extra rare. Nobody wants cancer, but osteosarcoma is treatable and one of the better cancers to have (if there is such a thing).

The doctors established a treatment plan consisting of 7 rounds of chemo, then surgery to remove the cancer/repair her leg (she had a knee replacement and 10 inches of her tibia removed and replaced), then 11 more rounds of chemo.

We chatted with Molly and her mom to learn more about this incredible story of strength and resilience.

Motion Composites: Tell us how you have been?

Molly and her family: Molly has been pretty busy with back-to-school and all kinds of activities. Being a freshman in high school has been crazy! Molly is doing great; her last scans are clear, and we are taking it one day at a time, enjoying our family time.

The Lawrence family
(Photo courtesy: Sarah Lawrence)

MC: About Molly’s cancer journey. What have you learned from this challenging experience?

M&F: When Molly has diagnosed, she was only 12 years old; there was so much uncertainty, it was an emotional rollercoaster FOR SURE. We are thankful we have encountered more highs than lows so far. The best high was the "Molly doesn’t have cancer” party. She and her friends threw eggs at her cancer scans! With this, I would say that having a support system is key. We are still in awe of all the love and support we have been surrounded by.  

One lesson from this experience is to not take anything for granted, especially your health. This is not at all where we pictured life would take us.

The Lawrence family
Photo credit: Brad Smith/isiphotos.com

What are your thoughts about the Veloce? (Molly’s manual wheelchair) Does Molly have a favorite feature? How is the ride?

M&F: Molly spent the first 7 months in a basic hospital-issued wheelchair after her surgery. The VELOCE is so much easier for her to use! It has given her more independence, and she doesn’t get as tired navigating daily life.  It's light weight and the ability to customize it to fit her body are what convinced us to choose the VELOCE. Molly’s favorite feature has to be the anti-tippers; she finds them really useful when going through uneven terrain.

MC: Now let’s talk about meeting the USWNT. That’s amazing! How did that happen? How did Molly feel when she met them?

M&F: Molly has ALWAYS loved soccer and played until her diagnosis. When she learned she would receive a “Make a Wish,” she knew what she wanted to ask for. Meeting the team was amazing. Everyone was so kind and encouraging. We are still in awe from that day!

Molly with the USWNT
Photo credit: Brad Smith/isiphotos.com

MC: What was Molly’s favorite thing about meeting the USWNT?

M&F: Molly’s favorite thing was to have the opportunity to play soccer with them. She also received an official team jersey with her name on it. The whole experience was incredible!

Molly and her family, the day they met the USWNT
Photo credit: Brad Smith/isiphotos.com

MC: What would you say to other people in their battle against osteosarcoma or any other type of cancer?

M&F: I think mental health is just as important as physical health regarding cancer or life in general. During and after treatment, the focus is almost entirely on your body, and sometimes the mental aspect is overlooked or not discussed. It is so essential to take care of your mind. As someone who struggles with their mental health, I know it is vital to find a strong, loving support system.


We want to thank Molly and her family for taking the time to reply to our questions. We are super happy to know that Molly is cancer free, and we wish her all the best for the future!

Make sure to check and follow Molly on Instagram (here), where she talks about her cancer journey and gives life updates.

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