Wishes for Wheels - Amanda

Amanda from Winnipeg is a recipient of the Wishes for Wheels program from Motion Composites.

She needed a chair that was easy to transfer in and out of, easy to propel, and had lots of adjustability.

She applied hoping to get a chair that would give her the most mobility and independence for her daily activities despite the challenges of her spinal cord injury. 

Here are a few words from the therapist who helped Amanda: 

“Amanda’s performance in the Apex Carbon Fiber Frame Wheelchair exceeded my expectations. We were able to achieve an excellent fit with horizontal axel adjustability to optimize the access to her rear wheels, and static tilt to improve her posture and balance. The carbon fiber frame and add-ons helped to decrease the weight of the wheelchair, and the rigidity of the frame helped to ensure all of Amanda’s energy was spent propelling the wheelchair forward. 

The Newton Air Grip was also an important feature that helped provided good grip on the rear wheels – with or without wheeling gloves! The Apex is an awesome fit for Amanda. In it, I know she will go on to do great things!”

In her own words, Amanda describes her experience in her new Motion Composites wheelchair: 

"The Apex chair is A+! It allows me to easily get myself around which, of course, is helping me to be more independent. What I didn't expect, is that this independence would make me so much stronger. Because of the design, I'm able to transfer easily, which is something I struggled with in the other chairs I tried. I can push myself to go farther distances than I would have in a chair that's heavier or harder to wheel, and the farther I go, the further I want to go. And oh man, do I look fly doing it!" 

About the Wishes for Wheels program

We believe every wheelchair user should be able to use the lightest best performing wheelchair. Because we know that not everyone can afford such a product, we’re happy to offer one wheelchair per semester to someone who would benefit from a Motion Composites wheelchair.

For more information on the program and on how to apply, click here.

About Motion Composites

Motion Composites has an international reputation as a leader in the design and manufacture of ultralight manual wheelchairs.