Wishes for Wheels - Juan

After being selected for a Wishes for Wheels donation, Juan chose a sleek red and black APEX Carbon.

Here is what he had to say about his new chair:

“Having a flat surface helps a lot with transferring on and off the floor. I transfer to the floor every day, multiple times a day. I get down on the ground to put my leg braces on and when I play with my daughter. We do everything together, and she loves the chair too. I don’t have a ramp yet, so I transfer out of the chair to climb the porch steps. I transfer down to the second step, lift my chair to the top of the porch steps, and transfer up each step. That’s where I have really come to appreciate how light the Apex is!”

A newfound independence

The Apex provides Julian with a new independence matched by no other manual wheelchair that he tried. He now benefits from the advantages of an ultralight carbon fiber wheelchair. “Lifting the Apex is so easy, even when loading it into the car. It’s easier not to scratch the chair because I can control the chair without dropping it on the ground. The carbon fiber absorbs vibrations and I’ve noticed it vibrates a lot less than other chairs. I like the accessories on the Apex. The curved scissor brakes are easier to use and I like how they dig into the tire better. I like how the side guards just ”go in” and the housing is sturdier. My other side guards get loose easily. The quick release tires come off so easy, and the wheels are so light!”

Wishes For Wheels is a quarterly wheelchair donation program by Motion Composites. It aims to bring the gift of mobility to wheelchair users. For more information on how to apply, click here.

About Motion Composites

Motion Composites has an international reputation as a leader in the design and manufacture of ultralight manual wheelchairs.