How to feel safe and healthy during COVID-19

For many of us, COVID-19 has tested our confidence in staying safe from viruses and bacteria in our everyday life. It has brought a collective shift towards paying more attention to the way we clean and disinfect the items we use daily.

If most wheelchair users were already well aware of the importance to keep viruses and bacteria away prior to the pandemic, this global crisis has made it even more important to have a well thought sanitizing routine including on-the-go solutions such as Newton’s Sanitizing Multi-Purpose Pouch.

Everyday safety

The general COVID-19 guidelines are the same for everybody. During day-to-day activities, individuals should take the following measures to prevent infection and transmission, in accordance with the World Health Organization’s recommendations:

  1. Clean hands regularly with an alcohol-based sanitizer, or wash them with soap and water. This recommendation is also made by the CDC, advising that sanitizer should contain “at least 60% alcohol” and that people should wash their hands for at least 20 seconds.
  2. Clean surfaces — such as kitchen seats and work desks — regularly with disinfectant.
  3. Avoid crowded areas when going out, this is even more important for people with any underlying health problems.
  4. Try to avoid close contact with people who display flu-like symptoms, including coughing and sneezing.
  5. Get accurate information about COVID-19. Some good sources include World Health Organization, CDC (US) and Health Canada.

While these guidelines are pretty easy to understand, they inevitably imply an additional level of complexity when it comes to mobility devices users.

A clean and germ-free wheelchair

Today more than ever, cleaning and disinfecting are two essential parts of a wheelchair user’s daily routine. While cleaning is the removal of dirt and germs from most surfaces of the wheelchair, disinfecting eliminates germs through the use of disinfecting agents.

Critical areas to keep bacteria free include the frame, handrims, rear wheel, cushion and upholstery. It’s very important to follow the manufacturers’ instructions for proper disinfection as to use products that will not damage the chair and its components. Motion Composites’ user manuals are available here.

Safe and clean on the go

While we have to respect some self-isolation measures, being able to go out and feel safe is essential. Wether it’s a trip to the store or a roll in the park, it’s important to have piece of mind and to feel as safe as possible. This means ensuring to have everything needed to clean and sanitize ourselves and our wheelchairs.

This new reality means carrying around a selection of items and tools that we might need when going out such as sanitizer, wipes, gloves and masks. A good solution to help be prepared is to setup, if possible, an extra storage with a “Sanitizing Kit” with the important cleaning items ready to travel with you.

If your existing storage options are not optimal, we highly recommend considering solutions such as the Newton Sanitizing Multi-Purpose Pouch (shipped with it’s own sanitzer bottle). This is an easy way to gather all the necessary items into a stylish, well-designed, travel pouch that easily adapts to most wheelchairs.

Overall, being well prepared is a great way to reduced anxiety and fear associated with COVID-19. The health and safety of our community remains Motion Composite’s main priority. Make sure to contact your health professional if you have any safety concerns.



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