CRT Awareness Week: Why is it important? —Eric Simoneau

It’s CRT Awareness Week! But … do you know why CRT is important? CRT stands for Complex Rehab Technology, and these are products that are individually configured and designed to fit an individual’s specific and unique medical and physical needs. CRT has a direct impact on the lives of people using wheelchairs and other mobility aids, improving their quality of life.

CRT Awareness Week provides a chance to showcase what CRT is and why protecting access to specialized equipment is so important. Educating people in the industry is just the beginning; education needs to be extended to policymakers, legislators, and funding sources. Doing so will help ensure that people in need of a mobility aid can get the best products to accommodate their specific needs.

At Motion Composites, we understand why CRT Awareness is crucial for the mobility-aid user’s independence, and we work very hard to expand education and awareness, especially around ultralightweight manual wheelchairs.  We also know that obtaining funding for ultralightweight wheelchairs can be daunting, so we are trying to provide you with the clinical justifications you may need for this process. With this in mind, and to continue expanding on the importance of CRT Awareness, we present a conversation with our Co-Founder and CEO Eric Simoneau where we discuss all things about CRT Awareness and how everyone can contribute to the conversation.

As the Co-Founder, why did you decide to develop ultralightweight wheelchairs? Can you tell us more about what brought you into this industry?

Motion Composites was born from us trying to fill a gap in the market. We have always been super passionate about materials (especially carbon fiber). From that passion, we tried to find a product to improve. We noticed that wheelchair and mobility products lacked technological advances compared to the bicycle industry (which generally uses similar materials).

Back then, we found out that the wheelchair industry was talking about the importance of having “lightweight” products, but they were weighing over 40 pounds, while the bicycles that were made in carbon fiber were already super-lightweight.

By fixing this significant technological gap, we were not only revolutionizing the wheelchair industry by offering better products, but we were significantly improving the quality of life of wheelchair users, which was the most rewarding accomplishment. This still aligns with the mission of Motion Composites today!

In addition to wheelchairs, you also manufacture seating and positioning products. Can you tell us more about these products?

The NXT Seating product line offers exceptional positioning, skin protection, aesthetics, and comfort in one package. We know that neglecting proper back support and cushions on a wheelchair is a big mistake. Therefore, we are proud to offer some of the most adjustable and technologically advanced seating products in the market today.

Being able to continuously supply the market with innovative products is entirely in line with the company’s mission to improve the lives of our end users.


Why do you think it’s important to continue creating and manufacturing Complex Rehab Technology at Motion Composites?

Motion Composites is all about creating significant positive outcomes with end users. From the moment that we start designing new products, to the materials that we use, to the moment that we produce them – it’s all done to create positive outcomes.

At Motion Composites, we use the latest technology. We choose the best designs to maximize the benefits that Motion Composites’ users can have and provide them with more independence and improve their quality of life.


Why do you think CRT Awareness Week is important?

We understand the importance of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) and its impact on everyday people’s lives. Our super dedicated Education Team makes it a priority to expand CRT education and provide clinicians and other educators with the tools and knowledge to ask for funding sources for CRT, with the correct justifications for their clients.

As a manufacturer of CRT products, we work hard to bring innovative products that, together with new technologies, can better fulfill needs that people may have and subsequently improve their wellbeing. Without awareness or the right funds, these products would not be accessible to everyone that needs them. Therefore, it’s important that the right people within the government(s) understand the impact that CRT has.


Any last comments?

We want people to love their Motion Composites products, not just because they are aesthetically pleasing, but because they are designed and manufactured FOR THEM.

Motion Composites is proud to say that each of our wheelchairs, seating and positioning products are built to respond to the specific needs of an individual person. We are honored to be a part of a CRT manufacturing team that creates quality products for people with disabilities, products that can allow them to live healthier lives and be more independent.

To learn more about CRT and its unique nature, make sure to visit this website:

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