How our Clinical and Education Team adapted to the pandemic

Here at Motion Composites, we have world-renowned professional clinicians on our team. They are the company's clinical and educational team and give courses and conferences across the globe. Find out how the pandemic changed their role and how they are approaching 2021.

2020 brought many unanticipated changes to the world, and as the Motion Composites’ clinical and education team, we have tried to make the best of it. We are spending more time with our immediate family and less time in an office or commuting. With digital meetings inevitable, our colleagues have now met our kids and pets whether it was on purpose or not.  People took to organizing their homes, only to have it fall back into chaos after months of isolation.  Some people took up a new exercise routine or baking bread, both of which have probably faded as time has passed. Just like home, Motion Composites has seen a lot of changes with our headquarters and production line, and our Clinical Education Team hasn’t flown on a plane in over months.

The Clinical Education team at Motion Composites is composed of three (3) Physical Therapists and two (2) Occupational Therapists. Part of our role involves traveling the world and educating Therapists, Suppliers, our sales team and ATPs. We present at international and local conferences, at well-known rehabilitation centers and small community groups. Each session made us equally as happy to share knowledge to improve the quality of life for manual wheelchair users. When the global pandemic hit North America our team, like many, were attending ISS in Vancouver, British Columbia. When the conference ended our team flew home not knowing it would be our last flight for a long time.

Like most of you, our jobs were turned upside down. We had to learn to educate from a distance, on topics that we thought were best perceived and explained in person. We wasted no time in hopping online and creating a virtual classroom for all of our supporters and modified presentations and certifications for online learning. It was a challenge, but we were grateful it allowed us to do what we truly love doing, getting in front of people and talking about wheelchairs (even if there is a computer screen in the middle). We now offer worldwide education sessions as well as sessions presented to individual facilities and small groups, and organizations. Conferences have adapted also, allowing virtual learning and even breakout sessions to chat and mingle with colleagues. It has been great to be a part of these changes and to see how truly resilient our industry has been.

2020 is now over but virtual learning is here to stay. We will be getting back on the road as the pandemic wanes, but we will continue to maintain our online presence and reach as many people as possible. Realizing our programs are reaching attendees from multiple parts of North America and the world including Canada, the United States, Australia, Israel, England, Columbia, Malaysia and Italy in a single online session is inspiring and we want this to continue.  Education is something we all need so we can continue to help our clients as we all battle with unsuspected changes in the way we approach life and work.

No matter what 2021 brings for our industry Motion Composites will continue to reach out and educate, in person or online.

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About Alli Speight, MScOT, ATP

Alli holds a Bachelor of Kinesiology and a Master of Occupational Therapy. Thanks to her clinical experience in the community, in long-term care and with veterans, Alli has extensive knowledge of positioning and mobility. This has helped her see new ways of designing the wheelchair prescription process. Alli gives training throughout North America, namely at the CSMC, ISS and ATSA conferences.