Swing Away Anti-Tippers: A Useful Combination

Whether you are a wheelchair user or a caregiver, it is fair to say that the commonality is that we all seek to help and preserve safety, security and autonomy. Some wheelchair options or accessories are designed to help with feeling more secure without neglecting movement and mobility.

Anti-tippers are good example and are meant to reduced undesired tipping and help stay secure and stable when facing obstructions. For caregiver, tipping assistance is sometimes required to help a wheelchair user to face those obstacles with the use of tip-assist options.  

But what if both functions were merged in one? Like a user-friendly anti-tipper and a tip assist into one piece of equipment. Wouldn’t that be nice?

For a majority of anti-tippers available on the market, the addition of a tip assist requires the removal of one of the anti-tippers. This may reduce or affect the stability of the wheelchair in some cases and which, therefore, could increase the risk of tipping and falling.

Motions Composites just came out with a solution with dual function for greater and safer mobility. Please welcome the new retractable and adjustable Swing Away Anti-Tipper with integrated tip assist.

What’s in it for the wheelchair user

The Swing Away Anti-Tippers are easily retractable! You don’t have to remove them from the wheelchair when not needed. They can easily be rotated horizontally under the chair. As the name says, they swing-away as needed! Also, the knob on the Anti-Tipper is very accessible and built with an ergonomic shape that requires little fine motor skills. A user can easily retract them only with the palm of a hand while still sit comfortably in the wheelchair.

See it by yourself and watch this short clip:



What’s in it for the caregiver

The dual function means that our new Swing Away Anti-Tipper is designed with an integrated tip assist. The 2’’ deep tip assist allows a caregiver to easily raise the front wheels of the wheelchair up and over curbs or raised doorways. The tip assist is fixed and won’t rotate with the rest of the piece. Basically, you just need to step on, and it swings under the wheelchair! There is no need to reach down to retract the Anti-Tippers.

See it to believe it! Watch this short clip here:



If you would like to learn more about the Swing Away Anti-Tipper, please consult our detailed page here.

If you need this in your life and are ready to order, this option can be ordered through our wheelchair order forms or simply by reaching out to your local provider.

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