Did you know that handrims (or pushrims) can significantly affect how users interface with their wheelchairs? With the addition of 3 new ergonomic models, Motion Composites now has a wide variety of handrims to address several different requirements. Having options allows you to choose the handrim that fits your budget, comfort, position and angle needs.

Selecting an ergonomic handrim can have an impact on function as well as prevention of pain and the possibility of upper extremity injury. An ergonomic design can help prevent strain on the carpal tunnel and other areas of the hand, wrist, and upper extremities. (1)

Clinical Benefits

The use of our new ergonomic handrims can benefit individuals with decreased hand strength, decreased range of motion, and decreased sensation, thanks to their shape, their grip and their size. Wheelchair users report less pain in the hand and wrist when they use an ergonomic handrim.(2)

When using our new ergonomic handrims, the pressure on the hand's surface during wheelchair propulsion is more equally distributed, resulting in improved efficiency. This can help decrease the risk of developing upper extremity injuries.(3,4)

Understanding which handrim is best for you or your clients can be challenging. This guide will help you determine which model fits best!

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