NXT Cushions and backrests


NXT cushions and back supports


The NXT Cushions and Back Supports have undergone a redesign, resulting in elegant, modern-looking seating and positioning products. These highly functional wheelchair seating solutions are built with superior quality materials and added-value features. The all-new NXT Cushions and Back Supports are made with smartx3D, an innovative fabric technology that provides enhanced comfort, support, and durability. 

We are using our clinical know-how and proven expertise to develop seating and positioning solutions that provide effective postural support while protecting the skin, for a combination that maximizes mobility and function.

Smartx3d in-depth

New and exciting!

With the addition of 35 new sizes, there are now a total of 67 BioFit cushion sizes to choose from, which allows greater accommodation on many more wheelchair sizes. Widths vary from 10″ to 26″ and depths, from 10″ to 22″.

The NXT Cushions feature two waterproof zippers: one on the smartx3D cover and one on the interior cover. The external zipper is covered with two lips. This double protection increases moisture barrier protection and virtually eliminates the possibility of debris getting in the zipper and causing it to malfunction.

NXT’s new two-way zipper allows external lateral supports to easily attach to the back support’s shell. It closes snugly around the lateral support, providing a dazzling finished look.

The addition of ballistic weave fabric, a highly durable material, on both NXT Cushions and Back Supports prevents sagging. It helps maintain the covers overall structure and consistent fit over time, standing up to daily transfers and other rigors of everyday usage.

NXT Back Supports come with reflective piping adding visibility and safety for wheelchair users at night.