side guard clips

Gone are the days when your side guards could possibly touch your wheels and slow you down when leaning or wearing extra layers. Introducing our new side guard clips preventing your side guards from splaying out into the tires. The clips simply stiffen your side guards to enhance your fit and comfort while optimizing your propulsion. And if you wonder, the side guards can still be removed easily even when the clips are installed.

The new side guard clips can be selected as a free option while ordering a Motion Composites wheelchair or they can be ordered separately at a later time.

Available with the following wheelchair models:

Note: You need to have side guards on your wheelchair

  • APEX C
  • APEX A
  • HELIO C2
  • HELIO A7
  • HELIO A6
The side guard clips stiffen up the side guards, they keep me centered in my chair when going around corners, wheeling on side-angled surfaces, and/or leaning over to pick up items.

Bob Vogel, Sacramento, CA