Question: How does the strength of carbon fiber, titanium and aluminum compare?

Answer: All three materials are excellent for building wheelchairs because they are light and strong. Each material has a specific strength value which is its strength divided by its density. The specific strength value for titanium and aluminum is in the 200 kN.m/kg range and for carbon fiber is in the 2000 kN.m/kg. For this reason carbon fiber is the optimal choice to reduce the weight of a wheelchair without compromising the strength.
The strength of a frame tube and the overall wheelchair will also depend on several variables like the size, diameter wall thickness and the shape of the tube.

Question: Can I repair carbon fiber if something happens to it?

Answer: Small scratches and nicks can be sanded and painted over with paint or resin/clear varnish. Cracked or crushed tubes cannot be repaired however this type of damage is extremely rare. All of the carbon fiber frames built by Motion Composites have surpassed RESNA/ANSI fatigue testing requirements by at least double the industry standard. In the case of a cracked or crushed tube the frame would be replaced according to the warranty guidelines.

Question: Why should I prescribe Newton Gravity wheels?

Answer: The Newton Gravity is lighter and stronger than its competition weighing just 670g for a 24’’ wheel. Assembled with 14 gage (2.0mm) straight stainless steel spokes, it offers more rigidity than a wheel assembled with classic elbowed spokes. The nipples are assembled with LockTite to reduce loosening and loss of tension. The double wall box rim offers rigidity and lightness. The rim profile allows you to use soft urethane or pneumatic tires, which most lightweight wheels can’t offer. And that one white spoke? It leads directly to the air valve!

Question: I am not very familiar with carbon fiber. What are the clinical benefits of carbon fiber for the end user?

Answer: Carbon fiber is an incredibly light yet super strong material that has been used in manufacturing for over 50 years. Currently carbon fiber is used extensively in the automotive, aerospace, and high-end sporting goods industries because of its strength, rigidity, durability, corrosion and temperature resistant properties. Check out About Carbon Fibre ( in the support section of our website for more details about carbon fiber properties and the clinical connection.

Question: What’s covered under warranty and what is the duration of the warranty?

Answer: There is a 5-year warranty on the frame and a 1-year warranty on components. Please refer to the user manual for details.

Question: How does carbon fiber perform in extreme temperatures?

Answer: Carbon fiber components are used extensively in aerospace vehicles, airplanes and satellites that are exposed to temperatures that range from superheated to near absolute zero. Carbon Fiber’s low thermal expansion properties make it ideal for extreme temperature changes.

Question: Is it possible to have parts (accessories) /wheelchair made to measure?

Answer: Each of our wheelchair models has its own specifications, minimum and maximum width, depth and height capacities. To make sure that you are getting the right configuration, please visit an authorized dealer who will ensure that the right specifications and wheelchair are selected to address all your needs.

Question: Is it possible to have a custom paint color or paint effect?

Answer: Motion Composites offers a choice of various paint colors. Should you wish to have a color which is not listed on our order form, you may choose a custom color by visiting Once on the site, follow the prompts and choose your desired color from the vast color chart. When placing your wheelchair order, please indicate the Color, Year, Manufacturer Code, Brand Code, Color Family and Solid/Metallic finish. We will order the paint directly from the manufacturer. For custom color, there is a surcharge of $400.00.
Motion Composites does not at this time offer the option of paint effects (designs, two tone, etc.)

Question: What is the maximum width/depth of your adult wheelchairs? Can I order a wheelchair width of 24″ or more?

Answer: The maximum width of our adult wheelchairs is 22” and the maximum depth is 20”. It is not possible to order a wheelchair width over 22”.

Question: What is the overall width of your wheelchairs when they are open? And when they closed?

Answer: The overall seat width = seat width + 7 1/2″ (minimum with narrow hand rim installation, it is +8 1/4 with standard installation).
This means a 18″ wide chair would measure 25 1/2″ overall width when fully open. Closed width is approximately 12″ with a standard configuration. When removing the armrest the width is approximately 11″.

Question: Can I order a Motion Composites Wheelchair direct from your website or from a store?

Answer: Motion Composites is a wheelchair manufacturer, our products must be ordered through an authorized dealer. You can contact your local Sales Representative ( for more information regarding local dealers.

Question: What is the frequency that I should have my wheelchair serviced?

Answer: The frequency at which a chair should be serviced may vary depending on the usage of the chair. However, Motion Composites recommends the following checklist:
At every use:
Make sure wheelchair rolls easily and straight.
Check for vibrations, noise or any deviation from normal functioning.
Ensure wheel locks are working properly.
Ensure that front stem is perpendicular to floor.
Visually inspect tires (front & rear) for debris, low pressure, flat spots or wear.
Make sure anti-tipper tubes are locked in place (if equipped).
Visually inspect fabric for protruding metal, rips or tears.
Ensure that hand grips are not loose (if equipped).
Check hand rims for rough edges and make sure they are free from grease or other contaminants.
Checks for component interference.
Check for irregular noise and rattles.

Check tire pressure with a tire gauge
Check seat upholstery tension – It should be straight when the wheelchair is open and set in position.

Check wheel alignment.
Check for free running of fork bearings.

Have a complete inspection performed by a qualified technician.

Tire pressure could be adjusted by the owner or an assistant with the proper tools. If any part appears not to work properly after inspection, the wheelchair should be immediately sent for repair to a qualified technician.

Question: Is it possible to trial a wheelchair before making the purchase?

Answer: Yes it is possible to trial a wheelchair. You can contact your local authorized dealer to arrange a trial. The dealer will have their own demos or they can also obtain demos from our local sales representatives.

Question: What is the difference in weight between your models and other manufacturers?

Answer: Motion Composites is proud to design and manufacture the lightest wheelchairs in their category.
The difference in weight between our wheelchairs and other manufacturers may vary depending on configuration.
Our wheelchairs weigh in as follows:
Veloce: has a transport weight of only 11 lbs (5.1 kg) (without rear wheels)
Helio C2: has a transport weight of only 12 lbs (5.4 kg) (without rear wheels & footrest)
Helio A7 and the Move: have a transport weight of 16 lbs (7.25 kg) (without rear wheels & footrest)
Helio Kids: has a transport weight of only 12 lbs (5.3kg) (without rear wheels & footrest)

Question: Do you have accessories for your wheelchairs (special tire width, colored wheel spokes, tray, seat pouch, etc.)

Answer: Yes, Motion Composites offers a wide variety of accessories and welcomes special requests.

Question: What is the address of Motion Composites for merchandise returns?

Answer: Canada:
Motion Composites
160 Armand-Majeau Sud
J0K 3H0

Motion Composites
1 UPS Way
Champlain NY

Note that it is mandatory to have a RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization number for all merchandise returns. Please contact our customer service to obtain your RA number.

Question: How can I get literature on your products?

Answer: All wheelchair brochures, order forms and user manuals are available on our website;

Question: Where can I find the serial # of my wheelchair?

Answer: The serial # of the wheelchair is located on a small plaque located on the inside of the left side-frame tubing at the back of the wheelchair.

Question: How to measure the exact dimensions of my wheelchair?

Answer: The width of the wheelchair is measured across the seating surface from the outside edge of the side frame tubes. The length is measured from the front of the seat rail to the back of the seat rail.

Question: I have an older model wheelchair, the parts are no longer available, what do I do?

Answer: Motion Composites thrives on innovation and new technologies and is continuously working on improving our products in terms of comfort, flexibility, weight and durability. It is sometimes necessary to stop production on older models. While we do keep a small inventory of parts for our older wheelchair models, parts from our current product line may also be compatible. Contact a Motion Composites authorized dealer in your area and they will be more than happy to assist you with your inquiries.

Question: Can I touch-up paint myself? If yes, where can I get the same paint color?

Answer: Yes you can touch up your paint color on your wheelchair yourself. To purchase the exact same paint color, please contact our Customer Service department and make sure to have the serial number of your wheelchair on hand. To touch up your paint color, Motion Composites recommends the following:
1) Using a 1500 grit sand paper, wet both the sand paper and surface of the area you want to touch up
2) Sand over the affected area lightly using a circular motion, clean surface with a paper towel and repeat the sanding this time using a side-to-side motion.
3) Clean surface with a paper towel and rubbing alcohol
4) Now you are ready to apply your paint

Question: Do you offer transit tie downs? If so, are they occupied or unoccupied and are they available on all models?

Answer: Yes, we offer unoccupied transit tie downs as an option. This option is offered on the Helio Kids, Helio C2, Helio A7 and the Move.

Question: What is the maximum weight capacity of your wheelchairs?

Answer: The maximum weight capacity of our adult wheelchairs is 250lbs (113 kg). We also have an HD (Heavy Duty) option available for the Helio C2, Helio A7 and Move wheelchairs which offer a maximum weight capacity of 350lbs (159 kg).
The Helio Kids wheelchair has a maximum weight capacity of 175 lbs (79 kg)

Question: Does Motion Composites offer a power wheelchair option?

Answer: No. Motion Composites does not offer a power wheelchair option. However our wheelchairs are compatible with power add-on devices including E-Motion Wheels and Smart drive.

Question: What are your business hours?

Answer: Our business hours are Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 7:00 pm.