Being a dad and husband on wheels - Todd Krieg

Valentines’ day is a celebration of love in every way! We thought that the best way to commemorate this special day would be to give you an update about one of our favorite couples out there; Todd and Amanda!

Recently we caught up with our friends Todd Krieg and his wife Amanda Diesen, to learn more about their day-to-day life since they have become parents for a second time.

In case you don’t remember, Todd and Amanda had their viral moment back in 2017, when their pregnancy announcement was posted for the whole world to see (If you missed out, you can find the story HERE)

Now, let’s get back to Todd since we have had the time to sit and chat with him about his growing family and adapting to the change:

Motion Composites: How are you and Amanda?

Todd Krieg: We are doing good! Just have been dealing with the flu bug going around, we’ve all been bitten so just trying to get the kids up and healthy now. 

MC: Your Instagram accounts are full of lovely posts with both of you. We love it! Do you have any specific memories that you treasure from the past 3 years as a married couple?

TK: Honestly nothing too exciting or crazy. We’ve had children the whole time we’ve been married, so we never were able to do a honeymoon or anything like that. We try to go on dates but we don’t need much to make us happy, as long as we are hanging out together, we usually have a good time. 

MC: There are many misconceptions about disability and romance, and you and Amanda seem to have it all figured out. Do you have any marriage/dating advice for inter-able relationships?

TK: I think the reason we appear to have it all figured out is because we don’t even think about the disability. I forget a lot about my disability, and so does Amanda. The only time the disability is a thing is when I physically can’t do something, like reach for something up high, or lift something up that I don’t have the core strength to do. I don’t really talk about my disability much because I don’t think of it as a part of me. I feel like I go about my day like anyone else, just a few extra steps for me to do.

We still go out on dates, do fun things with our friends, all that good stuff. She knows I’m down to do anything, and if there’s anything I can’t do that she wants to do, I let her go enjoy those things with her friends, and I can do fun things with my friends. We just don’t view the disability as something bad. 

MC: We saw that your baby was born healthy, and that Amanda is doing great too! Little Reese is sooo adorable! How is life now that you are a dad of a baby girl?

TK: Being a girl dad is great! We always wanted boys but as of recent we started wanting a girl and were blessed to have one. She’s the sweetest thing. I’m excited for her to grow up, we can already see her personality starting to come out, so it’s going to be fun once she’s talking and walking. 

Photo: Baby Reese (Todd and Amanda's daughter)


MC: Talking about being a dad; what have you learned about yourself by becoming a dad for the second time?

TK: Being a dad for a second time has really taught me to enjoy the present. I feel like I learned so much the first time with Everett that now we can really enjoy the journey with a baby, whereas last time we were trying to learn as we go. I think I learned more the first time around, but this time around has taught me to enjoy the present time. 


We want to thank Todd and Amanda for taking the time to connect with us! Make sure to follow Todd on Instagram for his latest adventures with his APEX C!

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