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Wheelchairs are more than a way to get around. Wheelchairs represent opportunity, access, and inclusion. It is important that a wheelchair is reliable in all conditions and environments for as long as the user needs. Motion Composites understands what a wheelchair represents to our clients. We offer an unheard of warranty, state of-the-art materials and construction, and a resizing service to support our clients’ unwavering trust in our products.


Lifetime Warranty

Carbon fiber has held a longstanding and impressive presence in the cycling, automotive, and aerospace industries. Unfortunately, other companies have tried introducing carbon fiber to the wheelchair industry, only to result in an expensive trail of shattered hopes and frames. At Motion Composites, we understand it is not enough to be lightweight. In this industry, wheelchairs are not gadgets or toys; these medical devices must be reliable and safe. We worked with top carbon fiber experts from various industries to better understand how to maximize the integrity of the material and optimize construction where a wheelchair needs it most. As a result, we produce rugged, crash-tested, corrosion-resistant, temperature fluctuation resistant carbon fiber rigid and folding ultralight weight wheelchairs. Furthermore, our clients are protected by our carbon fiber frame true lifetime warranty. This warranty covers the carbon fiber frame for the lifetime of the user.

To learn more about the lifetime warranty, click here.

AAA Service

The APEX Advanced Adjustment (AAA) service from Motion Composites is designed with client satisfaction in mind. For a fee, the AAA program allows an existing APEX user to modify certain dimensions of the chair within the first 3 years. Things happen, physical conditions change, transportation needs change, and even order errors occur. For many seeking funding, the road to receiving their new chair can be long. There is nothing worse than growing out of a chair soon after receiving it. What Motion Composites offers for its carbon fiber and aluminum rigid APEX chairs is peace of mind. Under the AAA service, seat width, seat depth, front frame angle, and taper angle can be modified. See the image below for the ranges available. Modification for occupied transit (WC19) is also available. Additionally, the modification fee covers the replacement of any chair components affected by the changes requested. This may include the backrest upholstery, seat sling, frame, and more. How does it work? The supplier works with the client to determine the needed changes, provides Motion Composites with the customer service order form, and sends the chair to Motion Composites. Once the modifications are complete, the wheelchair is sent back to the supplier.

Motion Composites supports the product, end user, clinicians, and suppliers for the long haul. Clients in the carbon fiber HELIO C2, HELIO KIDS (not available in the USA), APEX, and VELOCE know they are protected by the carbon fiber frame lifetime warranty. Carbon fiber and aluminum APEX clients can find comfort in the opportunity for fine tuning and optimal fit in the first 3 years afforded by the AAA service. When a client receives a Motion Composites chair, the transaction does not end there. The relationship is merely beginning.

About Olivia Tefera, PT, DPT

Olivia specializes in DME, CRT AND SCI physiotherapy. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Baylor University in Waco, Texas, and a Doctor of Physiotherapy degree from Bellarmine University in Louisville, Kentucky.